About Us

With a combined 14 years experience in device protection, we know our stuff when it comes to protecting phones & tablets. We have a wealth of knowledge and suppliers which enable us to really 'cast then net' when it comes to sourcing the right products for your workplace environment.

With the cost of handsets and tablets going up year on year and longer contract periods, it has never been more important to protect your investment. Insurance cover is of course important and great after the event but it is always going to result in some loss of communication, productivity and more often than not an excess to pay. Taking steps to prevent this loss can be overlooked when your are securing the right contract and device but it is never too late to add that bit of extra protection...and hopefully save you some time and money!

We regularly hear stories of company buyers wishing they had chosen differently, often this is because they have not had any help or advice when browsing the sheer number of options available. Frequently stating that it is almost impossible to identify which products will be right until you get them in your hand...which can often be too late.

Let us help! With a quick consultation over the phone or email we will be happy to discuss your needs and requirements and help you select the right product to meet both your needs and your budget.